16 April 2020
☕ What does Covid-19 teaches us ?

By depriving us from a certain amount of our know-how, stayed at the office of at the factory, it allows us to refocus on the essential. 

If we are lucky to be healthy, the period we are living is a wonderful opportunity of personal and collective evolution. Inspired by tres and nature, Nicolas wanted to share reflecions about our operating modes. For now and for after! 5 videos will be published about :  


🌍 Here and There 

🌼 Horizontality 


🚲 Power 

For example, Kinomé can no longer go on field missions, and use our agronomical, forest and socio-economic knowledge… So what remains to us? We still have the essential : soft skills, the way of being. It’s soft skills which will give full power to the return of our know-how once quanrantine ends, just as a tea bag gives color and taste to hot wáter.