22 April 2020
🌍 What does Covid-19 teaches us ? Here and there

All major topics are globalized: climate, economy, pandemics… Taking an action there has an influence here. And taking an action here has an influence there: fair trade, agro-ecology, recycling… there is a lot to share. 🌱 

Kinomé has been conciliating institutions, companies and NGOs from Here & There for 15 years in order to take an action together and on a large scale thanks to trees. For example, for the 25 000 children of the Forest&Life program in France, Africa and Latin America, this means:  

🌳 Restore the forest after sickness, storm, wildfire…  

🌱 Take an action for its community in solidarity with its fellows from Southern countries by planting trees for future generations 

👩‍🏫 Become aware as young as possible of its eco-citizen potential   

Along with National Education, ONF (National Forest Office) and local partners, Forest&Life takes place all school yearlong with educational resources for the class, a reforestation day on its territory in French forest and also in Togo, Gabon, Peru, Senegal.