23 December 2020
51 new eco-citizens in Nogent sur Marne !

Not only do we share their joy of making a concrete commitment to our planet by having planted together nearly 1000 trees in the Bois de Vincennes /Val de Marne, but also what better gift for 2020 than ending this year on a collective and positive success!


Plantation BdV 2020

Two classes of 2nd and 5th graders from the Léonard de Vinci school in Nogent sur Marne planted together over one morning nearly 1000 young oaks, hornbeams, lime trees, cherry trees and other species of the classic procession replanted each year in the largest green space in Paris!


Accompanied by their teachers, a few parents, the great team of the  Paris Town Hall, and Nicolas, Laure, and Sophie from Kinomé, the children expressed a lot of joy to put their hands in the ground and thus give life to young trees! Adults as well by the way! For each tree planted in the woods of Vincennes, two other trees are sponsored in Togo by international solidarity. This is one of the founding principles of the Forest&Life program which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year: 1 tree for me Here in France + 2 trees for you There = 3 trees for the planet!In the coming year, the children will exchange with a school in Togo that will also participate in the plantations in their country. 


This first plantation of the season opens the ball of the other Forest&Life plantations planned in 2021 in the departments of Nord, Jura, Saint Quentin en Yvelines, Sarthe, Seine et Marne and again the Val de Marne on January 5th. In 10 years, 25,000 children have planted together in 5 countries more than 100,000 trees! The program has received the high patronage of Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic this year and we plan to deploy it on a very, very large scale starting in 2021, so that every child entering 6th grade in France can already have planted a tree and become an eco-citizen!


Thanks to the Bois de Vincennes division of the Paris Town Hall and to the animators of the Paris Floral Park, who for the past 3 years have given us access every year to fragile areas of the Bois de Vincennes to replant them with the children of the Forest&Life program!


Many thanks to the foundations and companies that commit themselves financially at our side to enable our students to make a concrete commitment to the forest, the climate and the ecological transition. Thank you to the fondation Gecina, in particular Clémentine, who was by our side last december 17th, to plant the first trees with the children. The next stage with two new classes in Nogent sur Marne on January 5, 2021! 


Until then, happy Holidays to all of you, rest well children… and big children…. and see you in 2021!