10 November 2021
Kinomé Togo partnership workshop

For the past eight years, Kinomé and its partners have been supporting the emergence of a social impact moringa sector with a systemic approach in Togo. The moringa plantations are integrated into a broader reforestation programme, including agroforestry projects on various crops such as cocoa and coffee. The moringa processing and marketing is completed by a quality approach and organic and fair trade certification. Consumption is encouraged through awareness-raising programmes on good nutritional practices, including projects to improve the health of Togolese students. These activities, implemented independently with all partners, contribute to the overall improvement of people’s lives and to the deployment of the moringa chain.

On Tuesday November 10th 2021, Kinomé and its historical operational and financial partners met in the new Kinomé office in Lomé, Togo. This day was an opportunity to celebrate the opening of the Kinomé office in Lomé and to work on the deployment of programmes.

Following the presentation of the vision and the reminder of the principles of Ethical Leadership on which Kinomé’s methodologies and projects are based, the partners were able to exchange on the contribution of Kinomé’s work in their project, their vision for the years to come as well as the modalities of coordination between the different partners.

The afternoon was devoted to exchanges between the Togolese technical partners and the international operational partners in order to brainstorm on the deployment of moringa and reforestation activities in the next three years.

To close the day, an inauguration cocktail and celebration of Kinomé’s 16th anniversary brought together some twenty actors involved in Kinomé’s key themes namely forestry, climate, biodiversity, sustainable sectors and nutrition. The deployment of activities in Togo and in the region will be facilitated by the representation of Kinomé in Togo and by the partnerships that will be initiated and developed following this cocktail!