Educational program Forest&Life : what impact for a preserved nature ?

Article du 25 July 2022

In 2022, 43 classes in France were involved in the Forest&Life program! 

In all, 13,850 trees were planted thanks to the caring hands of 954 young schoolchildren from 9 departments. 

Congratulations to them and to all adults who accompanied them and made this possible: employees of the 10 sponsoring companies who were very involved in the field (Colas, Juratoys, Alsapan, Incubethic, A Tree For You, Klorane Botanical Foundation, Astris Finance, Fondation Lemarchand, Jane Goodall Institute, SLB), local authorities, academies, teachers of course, accompanying adults, our agricultural and forestry technicians partners in the Paris City Hall, the Office National des Forêts (National Forestry Office) and the Association Française d’Agroforesterie (French Agroforestry Association), and journalists who help us to promote the program in the media! 

Forest&Life is here, in France, and also over there, in the south countries which need forests! It is thus by solidarity that nearly 28,700 new trees have been planted thanks to the involvement of 1000 other children from 6 countries: Togo, Madagascar, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Colombia, Brazil. And throughout the school year, french children exchanged letters, videos, photos and testimonies with children from these 6 countries! 2000 new young eco-citizens of the world are on their way thanks to Forest&Life!  

To follow these Forest&Life projects in the South, Kinomé sent three people from its team this year: Pascale for Madagascar, Naima for Côte d’Ivoire and Elise for Togo who was supported by a journalist from Le Petit Quotidien – a Forest&Life partner!  

In Madagascar, children discover the forest in class, go on a 4-day green class trip to discover and replant the mangrove, a very rich ecosystem between land and sea, and have fun outside their homes! Pascale visited all facilities of the NGO Eau de Coco in charge of this project implementation, including the resource center dedicated to the mangrove and the agroforestry center of Mangily where 3 functional nurseries are based for the deployment of plantations beyond the mangrove. Incredible encounters with children and teachers, eager to deploy the project: involving middle and high schools, replanting the mangrove and the neighboring dunes to avoid silting, and discovering the markers of ethical leadership to bring a caring climate in their classes! It is certain that beautiful Forest&Life years are expected in this area of the Indian Ocean!