05 November 2020
Neutralize GHG emissions through ecosystem regeneration and social impact

Kinomé, the Peruvian field NGO A.I.D.E.R.  and their partner Astris Finance, are deploying a conservation project for the dry forest of the Piura region and improving the living conditions of the local populations. The project is based on community agreements with the village of Ternique: the inhabitants choose a collective project that they wish to set up and in exchange, they commit to the protection by Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) of a number of trees equivalent to the cost of the project.


The community of Ternique chose to co-finance the repair of the community well (installation of a pump with solar panel) and the implementation of a collective moringa plot. The project also includes a study to accurately assess the volume of carbon sequestered by trees in the dry forest of Piura.  


Despite the delays related to the pandemic, residents have made progress in protecting trees with, to date, 4122 individuals protected.


Covid-19 has had a strong impact on the community: in Peru, containment has been extended until July, and restrictions remain in place in some areas, making movement and delivery of materials difficult.


In the coming weeks, the community will continue the protection of the trees by RNA and repairs to the well will begin.

installation des barrières de protection autour des jeunes arbres pour éviter qu’ils ne se fassent manger par le bétail

installation of protection barriers around young seedlings to prevent cattle from eating them