Treat yourself to a paradigm shift!

Depending on your needs, we offer our partners and clients an approach based on four activities :

Research, Consulting, Project management, and Environmental awareness

Today, institutions and corporations realize that top-down, partial, optimization/certification-based approaches don’t cope with the root of problems and are therefore not sustainable in the long term. To ensure sustainability within their program, value chain, or activity, the most pro-active actors, firms, or institutions evolve towards integrated and systemic approaches such as the one Kinomé offers.


To gain a greater understanding of how nature, and particularly forests, can benefit humans. Simultaneously, to be able to measure these benefits.


To help firms and institutional decision-makers to rethink their strategies to develop sustainable supply chains and products.

To materialize new strategies in the field with projects improving living conditions through trees.

To reconnect children and adults with nature and spread solutions to a greater number.