Design and manage a concrete project

Your needs

Do you want to build a project from scratch with high social and environmental impacts in a country/ field that you are unfamiliar with?

Our approach
  • Create or co-create the project using Kinomé’s multidisciplinary approach and networks
  • Ensure value creation to a greater number using the Global Quality at Human Dimension® approach
  • Ability to intervene from start to finish in the long term and to guarantee positive impacts
Examples of previous interventions

Design from R&D to assist in project management and field monitoring, adding value to the Acacia gum value chain (Danone, Nexira, AFD). Countries involved: France Chad, Cameroun)
Forests were planted or rehabilitated by children from French primary schools in solidarity with Southern countries and with local actors (firms, counties, the Canopé network, ONF schools, academy). Countries involved: France, Togo, Gabon, Senegal, Peru.