Forest&Life in Port Royal forest

Article du 29 janvier 2021

1 000 trees planted in  France, 2 500 in Colombia ! 🌟


On January 14, 2021, two classes from the town of Trappes participated in Forest&Life, the educational program of Kinomé and the Canopé network, in partnership with the Office National des Forêts.


The children have planted trees in the Port Royal Forest to form a hedge that will welcome small migratory nesting birds. 🌍🐦


Thank you Astris Finance and Impulso Verde for supporting this operation, and thank you to the city of Trappes and the Mayor, who welcomed us to involve children in the restoration of the Port Royal forest..


On this International Education Day, Forest&Life celebrates the commitment of all the young schoolchildren who, by planting trees, have realized that it is not necessary to wait until they are adults to change the world!



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