Kinomé deploys Ethical Leadership® : The Republic of Guinea adopts the 7 fundamental and universal needs of human beings in its national strategy

Article du 4 février 2021

Ethical Leadership® Ethical leadership focuses on each person’s full potential, individual and then collective awareness and repositioning, in order to naturally respond to the real needs of men, women and children around the world..

Nowadays, this new ethic is widely deployed among individuals, as well as companies and institutions. This is how the Republic of Guinea adopted in its national strategy the seven ethical principles that meet the fundamental and universal needs of all human beings.

« I am very happy to see that our references, those of Life, are spreading in national and international bodies. The seven ethical principles that respond to the true needs of all human beings constitute a force, a new ethic to put ourselves at the service of Life ». – Nicolas Nicolas Métro, founder of Kinomé

In search of meaning, guided by his passion for forests and strong of his innovative and rigorous training in Ethical Leadership®, Nicolas Métro created Kinomé in 2005 with the beautiful and meaningful project of reversing the global trend of deforestation.

For almost 15 years, Kinomé has been carrying the spirit and the references of Ethical Leadership® throughout the world and has accompanied companies and national and international organizations in the co-creation and implementation of strategies with high positive impact for man and nature. Thus, the Republic of Guinea took the initiative and made the choice to meet the fundamental and universal needs of human beings, one of the flagship concepts of Ethical Leadership®, in its development strategy.

Guinea wants to be an emerging and prosperous country guaranteeing the well-being of its population and future generations through its Vision « Guinea 2040 ». Its government has mobilized for the development of a National Strategy for Sustainable Development which aims to establish a long-term collective vision on all sustainable development issues to which the country must respond. This strategy takes into account simultaneously and in a non-hierarchical manner the seven fundamental and universal needs of human beings, which are health, respect (for ourselves, other human beings and our environment in general), security, inclusion, balance and well-being, access to knowledge and self-realization.

This example shows how the repositioning of one man, who went from executive to social entrepreneur, questions the positioning of other men and their priorities (here the members of the Government of the Republic of Guinea), and leads them to progressively deploy a beautiful and great vision, humanistic, inclusive and global. Each repositioning generates another repositioning, the effects are multiplied like « circles in the water » and a new dynamic can be born, at the service of the collective and of Life!

« The concrete application of ethical principles in our personal, professional and social life and in our organizations confirms that we are, as Gandhi said, concretely the change we wish to see in the World. Try…and succeed! » – Edel Gött, founder of Ethical Leadership®.


Ethical Leadership® is also deployed among young people. And Kinome has been working on it for several years now with its association « Forest and Life ». (Nicolas Métro / Pascale Leportier)

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