Kinomé partner of the itinerant offer of Wild Immersion in Serbia

Article du 7 décembre 2020


Photo Wild Tour
The tree of commitment allowing young Serbs to register their commitments to protect the forest, an animation set up by Nevana and Ivana in the Wild Tour, following the accompaniment of Kinomé!


Wild Immersion wants to contribute to the protection of biodiversity by going directly to meet populations to communicate on current environmental issues.


The company’s films facilitate this conversation by connecting and educating all generations using new technologies.


The Wild Car will meet the people of Serbia for 6 months and offer an immersive experience to Serbian schools, hospitals, zoos, aquariums, retirement residences, museums and public actors to convey the message about the protection of animal life. The goal is to enable as many people as possible to participate in the ephemeral Wild Immersion experience to connect people to nature and animals through virtual reality


Kinomé’s role in the project was to share its educational experience with the Wild Tour animators, and in particular its experience of the Forest&Life programme, which enables young people to commit themselves to the forests by having them contribute directly to plantations on their territory and in international solidarity with a country in the south. We also gave them the guidelines of ethical leadership® to enable them to work on their soft skills and to express their full potential to accompany the children. Congratulations to Nevana and Ivana for their commitment and investment in the training that Pascale Leportier – Head of Environmental Education in Kinomé, and Julie Foubert – Consultant in Ethical Leadership® offered them!  


The objectives of the Wild Tour and the vision of Kinomé are very complementary, one brings the new technologies to amaze and sensitize the children; and the other brings the human tools and a successful experience on the forest, to allow to make germinate in the children envy and commitment!


The Wild tour started in November and will last until the end of spring, visiting 15 big Serbian cities. Learn more about the Wild Tour :