Wishes 2020

Article du 16 janvier 2020

Dear partners and friends,

The year 2019 was marked by a strong development of the actions we are carrying out in the sectors and projects that we have been supporting for several years:

Great advances in the cocoa sector that have enabled a group of organizations (scientists, companies, experts, associations, etc.) to work together and co-create positive solutions for people and forests, concrete achievements in the climate strategies of African countries such as Congo and Côte d’Ivoire, the strengthening of the social impacts of the agroforestry projects we support in Latin America, and many other successes shared with you!

In 2019, we continued to plant trees in France with children as part of Forest&Life and to promote moringa in Togo, Madagascar, Senegal and Peru.

We wish you a very happy new year 2020. Let’s celebrate the 15th anniversary of Kinomé and let’s widely deploy Ethical Leadership in our common projects.

Nicolas Métro, Founding President of Kinomé