In Peru, trees protection goes on even with Covid-19 !

Article du 10 avril 2020

Kinomé, the Peruvian field NGO A.I.D.E.R. and their partner Astris Finance are implementing a project of conservation of the dry forest of Piura region.

Peru being confined as well, the AIDER teams convened to work in secure conditions from their homes. On the field, the Ternique community is adapting as well : each family realizes the activity in turn in order to limit interactions. The project leader keeps a permanent phone contact with the village official to monitor the progress.

At the beginning of March, the technician from AIDER had trained villagers to the use of GPS and provided two of devices so that the community could do the geo location of the protected trees. By mid-March, 473 trees had been identified.

Photo 1 : The technician from AIDER NGO trains the community to the use of GPS for the protected trees geo location.
Photo 2 : Beginning of the installation of barriers around the tree to be protectedction autour de l’arbre à protéger
Photo 3 : Shrubs are installed around the tree so that the goats do not eat the young seedling