Report on Kinomé’s activities in Togo by Olivier Gasselin, deputy editor-in-chief of Mon Quotidien et l’Actu (Play Bac Presse) 

Article du 25 July 2022

In June 2022, the Kinomé Togo team had the pleasure of welcoming Olivier Gasselin, as part of one of his reports, to show him the activities carried out on the field. During one busy week, Olivier was able to discover and participate in all our activities: 

  • Discovering the challenges of agroforestry with the Unité Technique Café Cacao (UTCC) 
  • Meeting with Eric in a tree nursery 
  • Discovery of the PROSCOMO cooperative for the production and transformation of fresh moringa leaves into dried leaves and powder 
  • Participation in a tree planting day as part of the Forest&Life program, an educational program run by Kinomé matching Togolese schools with French ones 
  • Meeting with the mothers preparing meals enriched with moringa for the pupils of Amavénou and Wonougba-Séva. Thanks to the technical and financial support of Kinomé and its partners, the two schools have been benefiting from a meal enriched with moringa for more than 5 years 

Olivier came back in France with a notebook in which the pages are filled with notes and testimonies and the images are stored in his camera… Several pages of Le Petit Quotidien, Mon Quotidien and l’Actu will focus on Kinomé’s activities in Togo! Stay tuned…